WWDC Meetings

The Western WilCo Dems Club (WWDC) was established in December of 2014 as a means to enhance grassroots participation in Western Williamson County.

The purposes of the WWDC are to provide opportunities for strengthening bonds among area Democrats, to promote democratic principles and ideals, to endorse participation in the electoral process, and to enhance participation with the Williamson County Democratic Party (WCDP) by building a grassroots movement to support and elect Democratic candidates.

WWDC is a club of action with the intent to turn Western WilCo blue. Members are encouraged and expected to participate in activism to reach our annual goals.

Any Democrat is eligible to join.
Membership is achieved and maintained through payment of annual dues. Annual dues are payable at inception of membership and by January 1 of each following year. All dues expire December 31st regardless of when you joined.

Individuals under 18 years of age are eligible to join as non-voting members. Non-voting members cannot hold office but they can serve on a committee.

The WWDC focuses its efforts in the western portion of Williamson County from Northwest Austin to Liberty Hill that includes all of Cedar Park and Leander, as well as surrounding areas.

We advance our goals through several ongoing programs:

  • VOTER REGISTRATION. Thanks to our efforts, registered Democrats out number registered Republicans in western Williamson County.
  • PRECINCT ORGANIZING. Working with the WCDP, our volunteer grassroots organizing teams reach out to voters in western Williamson County to provide information on endorsed candidates and encourage Democratic supporters to vote. This personal attention has substantially increased voter turnout in western Williamson County.
  • CANDIDATE SUPPORT. We recruit and support qualified Democratic candidates at all local levels, such as commissioners, city councils, school boards, and special districts.
  • COMMUNICATIONS. We proactively communicate our message through the media and build relationships with community allies to promote our shared values and priorities.
  • FUNDS & INFRASTRUCTURE. We obtain funds through membership dues and donations from local supporters to help our candidates and campaigns build an infrastructure that benefits all Western Williamson County Democrats.
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Quick Facts

  • All Democrats are welcome to join the WWDC.
  • Each election cycle, we interview and endorse Democratic candidates for local elected office in Western Williamson County.
  • Our subcommittees provide valuable services to local Democrats by organizing and registering voters, communicating party values, recruiting volunteers, raising crucial funds and working with other area Democratic clubs.
  • The WWDC embraces the strategic plan of the WCDP, and the platforms of the Texas Democratic Party and Democratic National Committee.
  • We also take positions on local issues by endorsing legislation, propositions and other community actions that align with our goals.
  • Western WilCo Dems Club’s influence is primarily in the area of Commissioner Precinct 2 and the western portions of Precincts 1 & 3.
  • See map.